Prints are now on sale for the Holiday Season for 50% off!

I am now offering prints of my work for purchase! Most of everything on my website is available except a few galleries. The standard print size is 11″x17″ or 11″x14″, depending on format, and the images will be printed with a small black border and a 1 inch space around the photograph. Some larger sizes are available as well as panoramic prints which are either 10″x20″ or 10″x30″.

Other than the standard print finishes you will also notice that there is a finish available called Metallic. Metallic prints closely resemble glossy prints but have almost a hyper shine to them that absorbes the light that makes them look like they are backlit. Bellow are three examples of Metallic prints that I have. The prints in the pictures have simply been laid down on my desk and the light is from a window.

PrintPromoShots-4 PrintPromoShots-3 PrintPromoShots-2

Click here to be taken to the galleries on my website. Pictures from Iraq, Reverie, Landscapes (which include my Colorado photographs), and Singles are available for purchase. Just click on the photograph you want during the slideshows.

I support myself solely from my photography so I GREATLY appreciate any and all purchases!

(Unless otherwise noted, all print sales are of unlimited editions. This means there is no limit to the number of each image that can be sold.)

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