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Being able to honor a great hero in my first blog post is important and special to me.

Today I had the honor and privilege of photographing the funeral of one of America’s greatest hero’s. Lewis Leon is a former Marine and Army Airman who was a POW during WWII where he eventually escaped from his Prison Camp and made his way to freedom. It was even more special because today marked the 70th anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. The act which brought us into the very same war where he served his country. Despite the rain, the Army gave Leon full military honors. As each day goes by, we lose more of the men and women who sacrificed so much to make this country so great. Remember and honor them.

4 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Sam these pictures are so touching. I don’t know the family or Lewis, but the photos make me feel so proud. I’m so excited for this blog. You have so much to share with people!

  2. Sam-

    Thank you for photographing my grandfathers funeral. You did an amazing job and forever have captured these images for me and my family to look back upon. Thank you for saying he was one of America’s greatest heros. He was my hero.

    Nina Fields

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