Portraits of a Bride

I’ve been quite busy recently. Lot’s of shoots, edits, video work, and of course many weddings both solo and assisting/second shooting. All great things!

I was recently inspired by some photographers I work with to try and expand my portrait portfolio, especially portraits of Brides. Shooting portraits on the day of the wedding tends to be they way to go but there is almost always a crunch for time that can really limit creativity and usable locations. I thought it would be nice to be able to shoot some portraits of a Bride in her gown after the wedding. This would allow for more time and the ability to be more creative on each shoot.

So I called  Emily, one of my best friends, who recently got married and asked if she would want to do some portraits with me. (You can see some of the images from her wedding here.) She said she would love to do it and the planing commenced! Being busy, it was a little difficult to scout out locations so I resorted to a location I had used before for some Engagement portraits. The location was the Corcoran Vineyard in Virgina which can been seen in this post.

As the day creeped closer, the weather looked like it really wasn’t going to cooperate. For days leading up to the shoot it had been raining almost non-stop and the forecast for the day looked gloom too. Talking with Emily we decided to give it a go anyways. Luckily the clouds didn’t leak all over us!

Many thanks to Emily for taking the time to do this with me being such a fantastic model!


Emily-Bridal Portraits-15

Emily-Bridal Portraits-1Emily-Bridal Portraits-2

Emily-Bridal Portraits-4

Emily-Bridal Portraits-3

Emily-Bridal Portraits-5

Emily-Bridal Portraits-6

Emily-Bridal Portraits-7

Emily-Bridal Portraits-8

Emily-Bridal Portraits-12

Emily-Bridal Portraits-10

Emily-Bridal Portraits-9Emily-Bridal Portraits-13

Emily-Bridal Portraits-14



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